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Welcome to the TSA website! Here you will find our officers, contact info, and the things we do!


Intramural Sports are a great way for students to compete is various sports ranging from Basketball to Innertube Water Polo in both Mens, Womens and Co-ed divisions! It is a great time where we grow together as a team and meet new friends. This past Fall 2015, TSA was able to win Ultimate Frisbee! And for the previous year TSA won the Womens and Co-rec Campus Cup!


One of the longest-running traditions in TSA and the CMU community, booth is a project undertaken by campus organizations every year. Over the course of four months, TSA designs and builds a two-story house from scratch, complete with wall murals and decorations. The booths open to the public during carnival, a campus-wide weekend of celebration in April, and are judged on craftsmanship, sustainability, and creativity.
Carnival 2016's theme is Game Night, and TSA's Booth will be about Skyrim! Stop by April 14th-16th to see your favorite games larger than life, try your hand at booth games, and more!


At TSA, we seek to treat all members as part of our family. That's why we host events and gatherings to help each other understand their cultural identities. Every year, we host events like Culture Night, Night Market, and informal discussions to promote Asian and Asian-American identity.


TSA always has something social happening, like hot pot nights, bonfires, ice skating at night, and ITASA, where we drive over to Case Western Reserve University and have mixers with TSA members there!


Chris Wei
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2017

Hi I'm Chris Wei. I am a current junior studying ECE. I like stealing my housemates' food, online shopping and long walks on the beach. One of my many talents is sustainable dancing (dancing without moving my feet.) My favorite type of soda is root beer.

Michelle Ma
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, 2017

Hi guys! I'm your VP this year. I'm a junior in mechanical & biomedical engineering. I was born and raised in Taiwan. I love food, so come hang out with me and we'll grab food together :D

Timothy Hui
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, 2017

all about that breaking. Ice cream. ChemE/BME life is hard. League. Cookies are the best. naps.

Sharon Yu
Communications Design, 2018
PR Head

I'm a sophomore Communications Design student and one of the two PR heads for TSA. I was born in Taiwan but I grew up in Shanghai. I get too excited and often talk too much when I'm around other people.

Justin Cheng
Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2018
PR Head

Hi! I'm a sophomore ECE major from Taiwan. I like watching anime and eating clementines. My fondest memories of TSA are hotpot nights and booth.

Cindy Hsu
Art, 2018

I like to eat and draw things.

Kelly Mok
Business Administration, 2017

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have a passion for hiking and all things outdoors. Food is my other love, so TSA dinners & hot pots are some of my favorite memories at CMU. Outside of TSA, I’m also involved in the Undergraduate Marketing Organization and Greek life.

Paul Chao
Materials Science & Engineering, 2017
IM Chair

Hello there, I enjoy sports and booth. I am from Ohio and I enjoy taiwanese foods. Furthermore, I enjoy the outdoors and my dream vacation would be to go out into the wild for a few months and explore the beauty nature has to offer.

Bella Wong
Chemical Engineering, 2018
IM Coordinator

Hey! My name is Bella and I was born in Alabama, moved around a lot, and ended up in Houston, TX. I'm into crime shows like Criminal Minds. I'm also a big fan of food and sweets so always hit me up if you want to go eat.

Vanessa Siriwalothakul
Computer Science, 2018
Webmaster and Buddymaster

Hi! I'm from Vail, Colorado and I love food, television, and meeting people, so message me if you want to try out some new restaurants! :)

Grace Wong
BXA and HCI, 2018
Culture Chair

My name is Grace Wong and I'm a BXA and HCI double major. In my free time, I like to travel the world, taste new food, explore new cultures, write for magazines, design clothes, and appreciate the aesthetics of life. Culture isn't just my job, it's a way of life!

Mercy Soong
Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, 2018
Service Chair

Hi! My name is Mercy~ I love all types of food and like to listen to music in my free time :D

Joanne Hsueh
Physics and Biology, 2018
Service Chair

Hi! My name is Joanne Hsueh and I am from St.Louis, MO. Besides learning about astrophysics and biophysics, I love to read and listen to music in my free time. I also have a huge sweet tooth and enjoy all foods!

G Ping Lee
Chemical Engineering, 2019

Hi! I am G Ping, and no the G doesn't stand for anything. I was born in Singapore, and have lived in five countries since. I like to workout, eat good food, and watch good anime. Other than that, I'm always down to go to Wafflelonia so just hit me up and get to know me a little better!

Deepak Vanjani
Economics and Psychology, 2019
Freshman Representative

I was born and raised in Taipei and love anything Taiwanese! Outside of school, I enjoy playing/watching sports, working out, and sleeping.

Amie Wong
Business Administration, 2019
Freshman Representative

Suburbs of Philadelphia, born and raised. In the library was where I spent most of my day. TSA is basically my second family so I love going to TSA events whenever possible. I also have a slight obsession with Wheat Thins and enjoy recreational napping.

Lillian Sheng
Business Administration, 2019
Freshman Representative

I'm from Korea and I really like food.

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